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Our Consulting is the best package we can offer you, it includes; consulting, design, estimating, project management and supervision

Our Consulting role includes: Full Package, from Design to Completion

  • From Design to completion, every step, every task, every action needed for a successful Owner builder project.

Service 4 fee 15-20% of the project cost

Project Estimating


Our Estimators role is to make sure your building project is completed within budget.

Our Project Management role includes:  Budgeting

  • Planning, estimating and controlling the budget of the Project

  • Putting together a realistic budget of what building costs will be for the project

  • Preparing sub-contractors Purchase order agreements so they cannot charge you extra

  • Stage inspections on work carried out to make payment to subcontractors

 Service 3 fee 5-8% of the project cost



We have an experienced team of supervisors who will manage the project:

Our Supervision role includes: Supervision Only

  • Only managing and working through the project

  • Organising and supervising the sequence, timely manner, and workmanship

  • This service does not include the Budget or Project management qualities

Service 2 fee 8-10% of the project cost

Project Management


Our Project Managers role is to make sure your building project is completed within budget, on time, to your specifications and with zero suffering.

Our Project Estimating role includes:  Time, Budget and Quality

  • Planning, managing and working through the project

  • Organising, monitoring and controlling; OH&S, legislative, statutory and building requirements and making sure they are met

  • Working below the budget and cost-savings.

  • Organisation of parties and sub-contractors

  • Plan ahead, for any potential delays or obstructions

  • Carefully examining of materials, ‘getting what you pay for’

  • Goal to save 20% of construction cost

Service 1 fee 10-15% of the project cost



Our Designers role is to make sure your design for your building project is what you dreamed of.

Our Design role includes: Design

  • We assist in the preparation of the design of your project, which can include Development Approvals, town planning and even building permits (permit fee not included)

Service 4 fee 4-7% of the project cost

Property Development


 Building is an independent and accredited project management company that specialises in the coordination and management of the full range of residential projects for home owners or investors.