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Welcome To iBuild4u – Building Consultants

“If you are building and do not have the experience or the time, we can help you”

Our company has setup a team of highly qualified architects, engineers, project managers, surveyors, supervisors, subcontractors and most importantly builders. Our operations manager has over 25 years’ experience in the building and construction of high-rise buildings, unit developments, luxury apartments and much more.

Our aim is: Helping Owner builders to complete their projects on time, under budget and of high quality. We aim to provide expert assistance to all our clients.

Expert assistance may initially seem the more expensive option, but a skilled project manager can actually save you money by negotiating with tradespeople and ensuring all work is of the highest standard, something the homeowner may not have the expertise to accurately judge themselves. The services of a project manager will generally amount to 8% – 15% of the cost of the total project / renovation. It’s important to budget carefully and weigh up the benefits.

Some of the benefits we provide are:

  • Consulting

  • Design management

  • Estimating Management

  • Construction Management

Project Management

  • Oversee the whole building process on your behalf

  • Organise tradespeople and suppliers (a good project manager will have established relationships with quality professionals)

  • Coordinate and schedule the project

  • Manage the budget and deal with council regulations

  • Have a high level of expertise and be equipped to deal with emergencies

  • Keep the project on track – vital if you have a set deadline for completion